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6 steps to creating your Spa at home experience

Spa at home is good for your relaxation and pampering by yourself or, with someone else in your household if you prefer. Our expert Spa Managers agree there are some key steps to take for success:

  1. Select the one thing you really want to achieve such as relaxation, soft and smooth skin, rehydrated hand and feet… Remember you can do this more than once – be kind to yourself and choose something easy to do the first time
  1. Find your Spa space at home and create a space where you can be comfortable and warm. Your bedroom or lounge (good for pampering facials and massage), your bathroom (good for body exfoliating in the shower) and your garden close to scented plants or under a tree – the choice is yours. Add blankets, cushions to cocoon yourself/selves, make sure you feel happy about your space.
  1. Prepare what products you need to treat yourself and anyone joining in with you. It can be useful to include someone to help each other apply oils or do a simple head massage To help see our mini lists by treatment after step 6
  1. Add Music such as sounds from nature free from Spotify or apps Nature Sound. Some apps are paid for have 7 days free trials such as Calm.

  1. Add aroma– scented candles or diffusers. If you have scented plants such as jasmine or lavender you can use these to create your own homemade aroma. There are plenty of aroma- diffusers you can add oil and plug in for calming spa effects.
  1. Bring your drink – staying hydrated with water is important for our wellbeing and we love herbal tea (and a glass of wine to be honest!). You can make your own tea with garden herbs such as mint or chamomile which always feels more special.

Now all you need is permission to yourself to relax and enjoy!


Your basic checklist of basics you need for each Spa treat at home

Spa Feet treat pedicure – easy to do at home Spa hand care – easy to do at home Body – skin smoothing and relaxation in your bathroom
Pedicure bowl or simple bowl of warm water with gentle soap (shower wash is fine)

Exfoliator we use Zen spa  Zenspa Microdermabrasion Foot Scrub £16

Or use any exfoliator you have at home

Foot file to remove hard skin and dead skin cells

Nail Items:

Nails care – nails trimmer/scissors and file, cuticle stick, cotton wool and polish remover to remove any old polish, polish if you are reapplying

Hand bowl or simple bowl of warm water with gentle hand soap

Exfoliator – use a more gentle one for hands than for feet

Nails Items: same as pedicure

Warm bath then shower

Aromatherapy based Body exfoliator

Your favourite body cream or lotion