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Benefits of Massage

For Body & Mind

Enjoy the benefits of regular body massage

Massage can been found in many ancient civilisations including Rome, Greece, India, China, Egypt and Mesopotamia. A biblical reference from c.493 BC documents daily massage as a part of a beauty regimen. Today Massage techniques combined with nature’s power of essentials oils (ESPA for massage in Northwood, Decleor in Qi Spa Cambridge) gives our clients the best possible combination of a body and mind benefits that can stay with the body long after the Treatment has finished.

Body Massage & Immunity – evidence

We know Massage is great for our Wellbeing – did you see the latest research on Immunity?

Immunity cells, lymphocytes, were measured before and after Massage and found a 20% increase post massage: Watch January’s BBC TV documentary* featured Dr Ikharia speaking to leading experts in immunology >>

*see from minute 47 for research details on massage

How Massage works – the benefits

Massage has a number of physical and wellbeing benefits. Depending on your needs we can identify the right massage for you.
  • Blood Circulation can be improved: Direct pressure improves the circulation and massage stimulates the nerves controlling the blood vessels
  • Lymphatic System is improved alongside the blood circulation by the application of deep massage. The flow of lymph is stimulated to the lymph glands and this aids the elimination of waste and toxins
  • The Nervous System can be either soothed or stimulated, depending on the techniques
  • Digestive System will also benefit. Absorption in the abdomen is improved and constipation may be relieved
  • Muscular System can be affected and can relieve muscular tension through the removal of waste products
  • Skin can be softened and nourished depending on the medium used
  • Can help to soften fatty tissue deposits, depending on the techniques used
  • Relaxing, with the rhythmical and flowing stokes, it is stress relieving, promoting a general feeling of well-being and rest
Regular massage greatly increases these benefits. Qi Spa offer a monthly massage in Northwood as well as a monthly Cambridge massage. This massage club gives you up to 20% off of the normal prices with added treats. Join now>>

Qi SPA Moor Park & Cambridge Massages, Body Wraps, Body Contouring, Ionithermie and holistic healing treatments

Our highly qualified therapists have decades of combined experience, enabling us to provide a wide range of specialist massages to relax and repair your body whilst satisfying your wellbeing needs. Qi Spa compliment your treatment with carefully selected oils from superior houses (ESPA for massage in Qi Spa Moor Park | Decléor in the Qi Spa Cambridge massages).

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