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Qi spa

Qi Spa at Home – 5 minute Facial

Your simple mini facial at home – steps by step & expert tips

Step 1. Cleansing is the most important step. Cleansing properly means other products you use are more effective. Using 2 dampened cleansing pads or cotton wool, apply and massage in your cleanser, ideally morning and evening.

Tip – make sure you always massage your skin in an upwards direction, never drag it downwards 


Step 2. Tone your skin. Using your dampened cotton pads gently wipe the face. You can blot any excess moisture with a tissue.

Tip – Toning closes the pores and helps re-balance the PH of the skin and helps prepare the skin for the next part of the facial


Step 3.  Exfoliate, once a week or twice a week if your skin needs that extra boost. Apply with dry hands onto dry skin. This step removes dead skin cells and promotes cellular renewal. 

Tip –You can use exfoliators that have dual action – grains to buff away dead skin cells and enzymes to peel and ‘nibble away’ dead skin cells. 


Step 4. Apply facial aromatherapy Skin oil or Serum for your skin type. This is an important facial step in our opinion as it both to boosts hydration and treats the skin. Use a tiny amount on 3 fingertips simply, ‘pitter pat’ onto your face. Your skin should not feel greasy.

Tip – oils have similar molecular structure to the skin and have the ability to sink right into the skin. Oily skins also benefit as the facial oil ‘tricks the skin’ into feeling there is already oil on the skin so sebaceous glands do not need to produce even more


Step 5 Moisturise to capture moisture into your skin

Tip – about 95% of our population have de-hydrated skin. You can add eye creams and treatment masks to your facial routine too.