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The Precise Art of Permanent Make-up

Permanent make-up, or semi-permanent make up as it is sometimes called is here to stay!

In the hands of a highly skilled and experienced expert it can enhance, reform, restore – from brows, lips, eyes and more medical procedures. Permanent make –up can go beyond ‘get up and go’ physical looks and help build confidence and feeling of wellbeing. 

Qi Spa is working with Julia O’Dwyer to deliver an Advanced Aesthetics bespoke service.  Julia is a perfectionist and creates looks from natural to beautifully bold. 

Brows Price
Microblading £395
Hairstroke £395
Ombre £395
Powder £395
Combination £395
Lips Price
Lip Liner £395
Lip Blush £395
Full Lip £450
Trilogy Lip £495
Brows Price
Lash Enhancement Top £250
Lash Enhancement Bottom £200
Lash Enhancement Top & Bottom £295
Eyeliner Top £350
Eyeliner Bottom £250
Eyeliner Top & Bottom £395
Latino Eyeliner £450
Eyeshadow & Eyeliner from £450
Coloured Liner Add £50
Medical Price
Areola & Nipple Restoration
1 Breast £395
2 Breasts £595
Lip Reconstruction £550
Vitiligo Treatment from £175
Cleft Lip from £175
Scar Camouflage from £175
Pigment Recovery from £175
Colour Lift (Tattoo removal) from £175

After earning a degree, followed by a Masters, Julia O’Dwyer completed her Advanced Aesthetics successfully, specialising in permanent cosmetics.

Julia trained under Karen Betts to a platinum level. Karen Betts is the industry’s leading permanent makeup artist and microblading expert, gaining top class certification from the UK and Europe’s number one training academy, Nouveau Contour.

More medical led treatments including scalp micropigmentation, scar reduction, areole pigmentation and nipple restoration are also offered